Shaping the future pragmatically

We provide expertise to medium-size companies in mechanical and plant engineering aiming at strategy and innovations having proved its worth not only in theory, but mainly in the field. This makes the results of our consultation service measurable in terms of your company’s success. With us as part of your team you not only enhance your efficiency and revenues demonstrably, but you will also benefit from significantly reduced project-related risks [expenses and dates].

Mechanical engineering has become an industry of integration.

Key responsibilities based on an actual status quo

  • Reviewing and revising the corporate strategy
  • Organisational development
  • Consolidating the market position
  • Reviewing and specializing or expanding the product portfolio
  • Reviewing and improving the manufacturing competences
  • Industry 4.0 / applied digitalization
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Controlling
  • Human resource management/recruiting
  • Logistics


Business Development

We develop existing structures and organisations, assess market potentials/sales markets, analyse customers and competitors and develop business plans.


We commit ourselves to the problems that result from the professional role or professional environment. The target is to develop customized or collective learning and performance processes and encourage self-reflection and self-directed improvement of capabilities.


We support your management with optimizing their management responsibilities making their scope of functions more competitive and successful. The respective actions are accompanied by a scheduled/current controlling process dependent on requirements.

Financing (Private Equity)

We assist you with mergers and acquisitions aiming at ensuring the continued existence of companies. If required, we guide you to implement suitable acquisitions in order to optimize or expand the portfolio. We are prepared to assist you with the financing of such steps or propose appropriate investors, if necessary.