Gerstner Consulting to me signifies …
working in those companies which are organized in medium-size terms and the staff of which guarantees success.

Future means …
not to follow other people’s footsteps. We rather look for our own way while shaping the future.

My guiding principle …
Independence, change and joy. Independence means that you do not have to, but you want to. Change and joy are a guarantee for future sustainability.

Innovation means to me …
the ability to develop products and services better and faster than our competitors.

Working in a family business …
is a valuable experience to me, since it generates added value both for the staff and the company. Sustainability shapes the investment.

You have to go astray for not falling by the wayside.

The network of specialists

Gerstner Consult ensures commensurable success based on consultation by specialists. Together with long-standing partners we tackle things to meet current challenges in all business sectors for improving the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity. Such activity enhances both customer satisfaction and the company’s profitability.

The cooperation with specialists from the fields of competence

  • human resources development
  • financing

ensures a holistic consultative approach with no loss of quality.